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At Taylors Lead Lounge, we don't just make fishing leads, we help you make your own. We specialise in the supply of carp lead making equipment. We have all the kit you’ll need to make your own fishing leads and coat them to your own unique specification - mimicking the lake bed of your favourite swims. Our fishing lead moulds are individually crafted out of aluminium and available in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Please also see our range of carp lead coatings, swivels, loops, inserts and other essential DIY kit. We use anti-glare loops, swivels and inserts so the lead weights anchor your bait without being noticed by the fish.

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Flat pear 4 in 1 lead mould

Sub Total £19.99


Sub Total £18.99

Powder Coating

Sub Total £6.99

Inline Inserts

Sub Total £2.99

Lead Loops

Sub Total £2.99

Lead Swivels

Sub Total £2.99

Inline Square Lead Mould

Sub Total £19.99

Inline Dumpy Distance Lead Mould

Sub Total £19.00

Tournament Distance 4 in 1 Lead Mould

Sub Total £19.99

Dumpy Distance 4 in 1 lead mould

Sub Total £19.99

Pear 4 in 1 lead mould

Sub Total £19.99

Square 3 in 1 Lead Mould

Sub Total £19.99

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