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Square 2in1 Lead Mould

Individually crafted from durable aluminium. Available in 1oz or 1.5oz moulds.

  • A lead designed for instant bolt effect and superb hooking with every take.
  • The perfect option for precision hook placement on sloping lakebeds.
  • Ideal for use with solid PVA bags.

Traditional pear carp fishing leads can roll downslope, gradually taking the bait into deeper water. The flat surfaces on our square leads will naturally rest on sloping beds, making them far less likely to roll.

That’s not the only benefit of these innovative leads. Unlike tapered pear leads, condensing the weight into a cube means the fish pick up the full weight in one hit, leading to instant bolting and strong takes. Your catch will feel the full weight of this lead more quickly than any other.

For instant bolt effect, this is a ‘use anywhere’ lead. The only time you’ll need to change is when you’re casting cannot hit the range. In these instances, try our Dumpy Distance leads, or Tournament Distance leads.


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