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Tungsten Putty

  • Malleable and adhesive
  • Strong and durable
  • Easy moulding around swivels or hook links
  • Supplied in a compact screw-top tin

Compact yet dense in weight, tungsten putty is a versatile product that can used for many applications. Most commonly used for moulding around swivels or hook links to give you a perfectly balanced rig presentation. All you need to do is pinch off the amount you need and use the warmth of your hands to heat the putty and make it elastic and mouldable Once it’s in place the putty with harden, creating a strong rig bond. Just a small amount is needed to make maximum impact and any excess can be neatly trimmed and used for next time. Available in a handy 15g screw top tin in a silt colour to blend in with most lakebeds.

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