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Coconut Creme Pop-ups

This smooth and mellow flavour will delight the senses of your carp. An old-time favourite blending the tropical taste of coconut with a luxurious vanilla undertone. Smells exquisite and will attract carp to this tasty treat!

No expense is spared in using the best quality activators and attractors. At Taylors Lead Lounge we pride ourselves on craftsmanship. A refined interpretation of time-honoured classic flavours our baits are ‘Taylor-made’ to a luxurious quality.

These baits are available in either a 14mm round or 14mm dumbell shape. We also offer an accompanying corn shaped bait topper. Experience has shown that the most popular colours for catching carp are washed-out pink and white. Perhaps this is because they are a different enough colour from the rest of the lake bed surroundings to entice interest and more trust worthy to a carp than a more vibrant colour. Why not add to the allure of your bait even more by boosting its flavour with our matching glug.

What you will get:

  • Boilies: approx. 40 baits per pot
  • Corn: approx. 60 bait toppers per pot
  • Glug: 50ml bottle


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