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Super Six Aquahaze

Stuck for choice… Why not try them all and get one of each colour! Our Aquahaze range will transform your bait into a prolonged cloud of colour for that added visual interest. Available in a range of six alternative colours. The dark colours are particularly effective in clear water whilst the vibrant colours stand out in murkier lakes.

Our range of glugs have been created to boost the flavour and scent of your bait. Available in a range of popular colours and flavours you can either pre-soak your boilies or just add it to your spod mix to give that additional boost to your bait.

No expense is spared in using the best quality Activators and Attractors. At Taylors Lead Lounge we pride ourselves on craftsmanship. A refined interpretation of time-honoured classic flavours our glugs are ‘Taylor-made’ to a luxurious quality.

For best results, shake well before use and then pre-soak any of your baits or PVA bag mixes. Once released into the lake the flavour will waft through the water and attract any passing fish.

All Taylors Lead Lounge glugs are supplied in a 50ml bottle with flip lid dispenser, perfect for slipping into the side pocket of your fishing bag.

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