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PVA Tape

  • Fast dissolving and suitable for even cold water
  • Non-residue and eco-friendly
  • Strong and versatile
  • 10mm thick x 20 meters

The main reason people use PVA tape is for a stringer (3 or 4 boilies left around your hookbait)

But can also be used to tie the top of solid bags

PVA tape is handy accessory for use with PVA solid bags. Instead of the fiddly ‘lick and stick’ tactic, using tape is an easy alternative. Simply use the tape to tie around your bait parcel, secure with a knot and trim off the excess. Alternatively, you can use the tape to tidy-up any long hairs around hook which will help prevent any tangles when casting out. Encased in its own compact spool you can pull off the right amount that you need without the worry of getting in a muddle with the rest of the tape.


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