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PVA Mesh Tube & Plunger Set

  • Fine mesh, suitable for ground bait mixes
  • Fast dissolving, suitable for cold water
  • Anti-residue eco-friendly
  • Re-fillable and economical

PVA mesh is great alternative to solid bags as you can make the parcel sizes you want with very little left over which can make it more economical and neater to use. Available in two sizes, 25mm and 37mm diameter, you have the option to make your own size from small bombs to large parcels.

Using the funnel and plunger system couldn’t be easier, simply tie a knot in the bottom of the mesh to secure hole at the bottom of the tube. Then use the inner hole of the tube to funnel your pre-made bait mix in, we find that a mix of groundbait and crushed boilies soaked in Aquahaze works well. Finally, use the plunger to compress the mixture and encourage the oils to soak into the bag and use an overhand knot to seal the deal. The other beauty of making your own bait parcels is you can pre-make them in advance of your fishing trip and store them in a waterproof, sealable bag or container.


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