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Gripper Leads

  • Ideal for use on rivers or slopes.
  • Designed to grip the bottom of the lakebed.
  • Popular choice for rig anchorage.

A great lead for a multitude of situations where you need your presentation to hold tight. The teardrop shape with knobbly bumps on both sides are designed to hold their ground on marginal slopes or flowing water. Ideal for the river angler where the undercurrents can misplace your presentation or fishing at close range on sloping bars or banks. Gripper leads are also great for use on big European waters from the boat at range as they will grip the bottom and are less likely to move under tension; perfect for anchoring your rig in place.

The popular choice for coating is the textured as they’re designed to hold your presentation firmly in place however we can also accommodate special requests for a smooth coating or sand finish, just send us an email or give us a call.


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