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Feature Leads

  • Perfect for map-reading a variety of lakebeds.
  • Weighted bobbled bottom helps to feel the donk quicker.
  • Narrow shoulder to slide through weed easily.

These unusual, and quite frankly phallic, shaped leads have been developed with the purpose of casting out at mid to long range. The rounded heavy end is great for feeling down the donk when you hit the clip and used to reel back in to discover any features within the lakebed you are fishing.

More heavily weighted at the bottom to enable longer range casting, the bobbled mounds prevent the lead from rolling easily whilst allowing enough movement to discover the contours around your swim. The narrower end of the lead has been designed to move through weed which can be flicked off with a quick switch of the line.

Having a lead around a new lake can take time to perfect but will be advantageous in the long run to prevent your rigs from getting tangled and enable you to hook a catch in no time by sinking your rig with minimal disturbance. Available in either a brown or weed textured coating in two sizes.


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