Tackle Box

The success of your angling trip will be determined not only by the fish you catch but also by your experience as an angler. Your tackle box is no doubt filled with all sorts and types of extras that help to make your rigs quick, easy and effective. We're not just about leads at Taylors Lead Lounge. Here we have a specially chosen selection of tackle box essentials.

Leadcore Beads

Sub Total £2.50

Artificial Maggots

Sub Total £2.50

PVA Bags

Sub Total £1.75

Quick Links

Sub Total £2.89

Rolling Swivel

Sub Total £2.50

Quick Change Swivel

Sub Total £3.20

Flexi Ring Swivel

Sub Total £3.10

Hook Aligners

Sub Total £2.99

Lead Clip System

Sub Total £3.50

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