Boilies & Glugs

T&T Baits, home of Taylors Lead Lounge, is the original trading name of our popular pop-up bait range. All our baits are hand blended using the finest ingredients and are extensively tested before we release them for sale.

Our pop ups are ideal for using as a single hookbait cast to showing fish but also work well fished over spod mix. By casting a pop up as opposed to just using a bottom bait, you increase your chance of catching carp interest.  As the bait won’t be hidden by weed, silt or other debris such as leaves, there is more chance of a carp being interested in your bait by swimming in its path rather than by just foraging for food. When surface fishing, pop-ups are a great alternative to the traditional dog biscuit method as they stay on your hook for longer due to their hard shell. They also taste and look a lot more alluring to the carp.

Like any fragrance, the more layers that are added, the deeper the attraction becomes. We offer matching bait booster glugs for our pop up range. In addition to the bait boosters, we've also created a range of coloured glugs called Aquahaze, which do just that...not only do they release an alluring flavour into the water, they also create a haze of colour to catch the attention of passing carp. You can either pre-soak your boilies or just add it to your spod mix to give that additional boost to your bait.

Alternatively if bottom baits are more your scene, why not try our corn shaped pop up bait toppers - perfect for adding a fleck of colour. Each corn has been hand-made to maintain a high quality and consistently smooth boilie topper.

No expense is spared in using the best quality activators and attractors. At Taylors Lead Lounge we pride ourselves on craftsmanship. A refined interpretation of time-honoured classic flavours our baits are ‘Taylor-made’ to a luxurious quality.

Glugs & Aquahaze

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Spicy Sausage Pop-ups

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Coconut Creme Pop-ups

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The Nuts Pop-ups

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