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About Us

Essex-born Simon Taylor is a life-long carp angler. Learning the importance of good quality bait and leads from his dad, he quickly developed a skill for lead making and bait blending, and has caught many a majestic beast with his own baits.

Seeing his success, Simon’s fishing friends were soon buying their bait and leads from him. As word caught on this developed onto an online marketplace. Fed up with office work and keen to strike out alone, he decided to take a risk and committed himself, and his young family, to starting T&T Baits.

With the help of family and loyal customers we’ve become more than specialist carp bait makers. We now offer a complete range of handmade and finished lead weights and other essentials that come with the traditional sport of fishing.

When you buy from Taylors Lead Lounge you’re not buying from a large manufacturer who doesn’t have the time of day for you. You’re buying from a family of anglers who have passed their artisan knowledge from one generation to another. We are passionate about producing quality products and ensuring quality customer service.

We’re called Taylors Lead Lounge because we started our business in the heart of our home, our carp bait and fishing leads are tailor-made by us and we would like to lead the way for future generations (excuse the puns!).

Our baits and weights will give new anglers the success they need to get them hooked on the hobby for life! Yet another pun. Bad jokes R us.

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